Announcing Publish2 News App: White Label HTML5 Tablet App for Publishers

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of Publish2 News App, a white label HTML5 tablet app for publishers. We’re following the path blazed by the Financial Times’s HTML5 app, with all the benefits of bypassing app stores: cross-platform, publisher control of user data, no need to share revenue, always the most up-to-date version.

Unlike other app solutions that require publishers to use the app maker’s ad network and share revenue, Publish2’s News App is based on a simple software-as-a-service license fee. For a reasonable fixed annual cost, publishers get all of the upside from monetizing their app.

Publishers Control Monetization

Speaking of monetization, Publish2’s News App is optimized for high CPM video advertising, and not just for video content — News App can monetize text and photos with video ads. We see a huge opportunity with the immersive engagement of tablet apps to monetize text and photo content better than on the desktop web. We will support all third-party ad servers and ad networks, giving publishers full control over ad monetization and without taking a share of the revenue. (We will of couse support display ads as well.)

The same principle of publisher control applies to paid subscriptions. Publish2 News App will integrate with third-party paid subscription services, giving publishers full control over whether and how to charge for their app, making it easy to align with their existing paid content strategy.

User Experience Consumers Will Pay For

Our goal is to help publishers create an app that consumers will pay for by creating a highly engaging user interface for news consumption. Since the iPad appeared, numerous tablet app aggregators have launched, focused on innovating news consumption to create user experiences worth paying for. Publish2 News App enables every publisher to compete with the user experience innovations of these tablet app aggregators, so that they can retain full control of the consumer relationship, but without incurring high development costs.

Speaking of aggregation, our News App is powered entirely by Publish2 feeds. That means publishers can create an even better user experience by complementing their own original content with content curated from a network of new content sources: sister publications, regional partners, alternative newswires, local blogs, local businesses, and more.

As to white labeling, publishers will be able to fully customize the app’s look and feel, to match the color pallet, typography, and design of their publication.  Publishers will also have full control over the app’s consumer-facing delivery — the app can be hosted on the publisher’s servers or on a dedicated cloud hosting account.  As with all software-as-a-service, Publish2 will maintain and update the app code, so publishers and their readers will always have the most up-to-date version.

Here are the highlights of Publish2 News App in brief:

    Cross-platform HTML5 app that creates an experience fully equivalent to that of a native code appWhite label solution can be customized to match publisher’s colors, fonts, and design aesthetic 

    Hosted software-as-a-service always has the most current app code, no need for users to download updates

    App powered entirely by Publish2 feeds, combining publisher’s content with content curated from Publish2’s network

    App user experience optimized for displaying high CPM video ads, for both text and photo content

    Publishers have full control over user data (in contrast to Apple’s iTunes app store)

    App will integrate with third-party paid subscription services

    Simple, annual software-as-a-service license fee avoids the need to share subscription or advertising revenue

Here is a live demo of the Publish2 HTML5 Tablet App for Publishers.

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