Publish2 News Exchange Stories In Print: DailyFinance in the Daily Telegram

Last week, we told you about some of the national news sources available now in Publish2 News Exchange. They’re offering their stories for free in exchange for attribution in print.

On Sunday, the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Michigan became the first newspaper to run a story — two stories, in fact — they found using News Exchange.

On a business page featuring a syndicated columnist and wire stories, the editors ran a pair of stories from

UsingĀ a free newswire from this online-only financial news site, the Daily Telegram brought their readers relevant, quality stories that mattered to Michigan.

Here’s what Special Projects Editor Erik Gable said about the decision on Twitter:

“We will be augmenting our Sunday print edition with the @Publish2 News Exchange for the first time this weekend.”

What could your newspaper do with Publish2 News Exchange?

See for yourself. Register now atĀ or log in with your existing account today to find great stories for your print edition.

Questions about how to get started? Find us at anytime.

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