Publish2 News Exchange: The Next Evolution of the Newswire

Today, we’re excited to announce Publish2 News Exchange:

Publish2 News Exchange

Simply put, Publish2 News Exchange is the easiest way to share and distribute content for print and Web publishing.

The next evolution of the newswire will be powered by scalable content sharing networks and a platform that makes it simple to syndicate the best content from across the Web directly to print publishing systems for newspapers.

This week, we’ll launch Publish2 News Exchange, making it available for free to news organizations and journalists around the world.

The Next Evolution of the Newswire

Newspapers across the country have been trying to find ways to cancel their Associated Press contracts.

They’ve decided the AP is too expensive, too slow to deliver stories from their own state, and too unwilling to unbundle options for news organizations that are moving ahead in a Web-based world, where links, feeds, and subscriptions can be mixed, matched, and mashed up to build a newspaper full of diverse voices.

But there’s a catch.

Until now, newspapers that have tried to reduce their dependence on the AP in favor of a diverse group of news providers have faced a problem.

They haven’t been able to cobble together a diverse group of sources in a way that meets their needs on deadline.

Until now, newspapers in search of a replacement for the AP have been unable to find a platform designed to support their newsroom’s need for content delivered on deadline to their print publishing systems.

Until now.

We’ll be launching Publish2 News Exchange this week, to give newspapers what they’ve been searching for: The next evolution of the newswire.

Scalable Content Sharing Networks

We designed Publish2 News Exchange to serve the needs of newspapers that are already sharing their stories with each other, often by e-mail or a copy/paste routine that costs editors and page designers valuable time on deadline.

Enough of that. We’ve worked in newsrooms and watched busy city editors try to chase down stories from the paper across the state or over the hill, then watched the night copy editors sweat until the story comes through as a barely usable e-mail attachment. It doesn’t work.

But there’s a better way, of course.

Publish2 News Exchange connects directly to print publishing systems via familiar standards and protocols, using FTP or authenticated webfeeds to import and export stories when you need them, where you need them, formatted to flow straight to the pages of tomorrow’s print edition.

What’s a scalable content sharing network?

It’s based on the idea that news organizations have more in common than just location.

The Associated Press draws a line at a state’s border and charges newspapers more to get news from across an entire region, or the whole country. But we know that news doesn’t stop at the state line. With Publish2 News Exchange, newspapers can create their own content sharing networks to cover any region, topic, national issue, or hyperlocal concern.

Publish2 News Exchange gives newspapers back control over their content, allowing them to share a specific feed of stories with every newspaper in the country, none of them, or a specific group of partner news organizations in a cooperative.

The Best of the Web, in Print

What if you could bring your readers the best of the Web, in print? Stories from as diverse a range of sources as exists on the Web, instead of the institutional voice stamped on so much of the commodity content that flows through newspaper pages today?

Now you can.

Publish2 News Exchange allows online publishers what they’ve never had before: A direct line to print editions of newspapers across the world.

A diverse range of voices in tomorrow’s print edition, covering national news, politics, technology, business, personal finance, investigative reporting, sports, and much, much more:

Content providers

The New Publish2

At Publish2, we’ve long had a simple goal: Provide journalists with the tools they need to bring their readers the best of the Web, in order to better serve their communities with news, context, and content from the wide variety of sources available online.

We built the definitive platform to create link newswires to serve that purpose and pioneered tools for collaborative journalism that allowed news organizations to band together, creating their own cooperative newswires to better serve their collective audience.

We’ve made improvements to the link newswire system as part of this week’s launch of Publish2 News Exchange, including streamlined Newsgroup editorial workflow, OAuth for secure connections to Twitter, and a new search engine you can use to find links, stories, newswires, news organizations, or journalists. It’s never been easier to collaborate across the Web with Publish2.

Find out more about what’s new in Publish2 this week.

Get Started

We’re rolling out Publish2 News Exchange to current users this week. Want to know more?

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